Rein Lewis

Rein Lewis - American Airlines Pilot in Miami

Commercial pilot Rein Lewis joined American Airlines out of Miami in 1991. As a captain with the airline, his responsibilities encompass all aspects of the flight, crew operations, and passenger safety and satisfaction. Rein Lewis’ authority extends to pre-flight preparations and post-flight procedures, such as weather and flight plan checks and communications with air-traffic controllers and other airport personnel.

In addition to his work as a commercial pilot, Mr. Lewis is a ground school instructor and a pilot recruitment member with American Eagle. He has also written and published flight safety material in the magazine Professional Pilot.

Rein Lewis received his private pilot through airline transport pilot certificates while attending the University of New Mexico. During his career as a pilot, he has achieved a wide range of type ratings, including ratings for the Boeing 767, 757, and 737 aircraft, as well as the CRJ-700 and Saab 340B, among others.

Outside of his work as a pilot, Mr. Lewis’ personal interests include, Pickelball, growing coral reefs, and gardening. He has successfully managed showcase aquariums as large as 519 gallons, while his gardening interests center on growing orchids.

Rein Lewis

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Rein Lewis
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